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Yacht Charter Company in Ayia napa


Luxury Time Charters is the leader of Cyprus East Coast Yachts Rentals. We provide exceptional time at the spectacularly beautiful coastline on comfortable and safe yachts representing a world of pleasure and exclusivity.

Our ambition is always to provide our guests with a friendly, welcoming, professional, luxurious, and most importantly, safe environment in which they can create and experience wonderful memories.
Our captains and crew are fully qualified and licensed.

All our yachts are fully compliant with commercial coastal cruising and all charters are supervised in accordance with current Cyprus legislation, safety rules, and standards.
Our Vessels are continually maintained to the highest standards and are fully insured.


The story of Luxury success began with a great passion for the sea of one extraordinary person. The company. Was founded in 2012 by local businessman Pantelis Nouros who grew up in Ayia Napa and studied Management and hospitality at Universities in the United Kingdom over a seven-year period. In his return, he bought a small sporty yacht for his personal use with his family. Since that time idea of something bigger and more valuable for the local community did not leave his ever-working mind.

In 2012 the first yacht in the premium segment appeared in Ayia Napa harbour – Azimut 42 became a turning point and a fresh wind of changes breath throughout the whole region. It was the formation of a new type of service – Luxury yacht rental. The company was established in accordance with all safety standards and regulations. From the beginning, Safety and Excellent service have become the main reference points of our philosophy.

Azimut 42 became a warm and cozy place, where a unique atmosphere of the holiday was created. It was a highlight among the fishing boats in the port and soon the growing demand for tailor-made cruises determined the purchase of the next yacht.

Sea Ray 375 has become a symbol of family vacations and a favorite option for day cruises. There were more and more people wishing to spend their vacation on a yacht, so we started to make contracts with tour operators and travel agencies.

The next stage of development was the gorgeous yacht Princess 61, which became the most popular product in 2018. A new level of elegance and beauty came to our company with Ferretti 592 and its special charm at the end of 2021. The latest member of the Luxury Time Charters is the incredibly versatile bow rider with a sporty look – Sea Ray SLX 350.
100% positive feedback, and happy guests who returned on board, again and again, inspired us to continue growing and improving. Every year we started adding more options for cruises, services, and yachts.

Today Luxury Time Charters is a constantly growing and developing company with 6 yachts that can fit any expectations of our guests. The format of Cruises expanded from leisure day out to overnights and even International voyages. Welcome to our world of luxury and pleasure!


happy guests


outstanding quality in everything we do



High-quality service: Professional and certificated crew


Comfort at its best: The world’s leading manufacturer’s yachts.


Individual approach: Satisfaction of the most sophisticated requests.


Impeccable business reputation since 2012


In love with the Sea and Yachting!

1 Pantelis Nouros

Pantelis Nouros / Managing Director

Vassos Pantelis Director

Vassos Pantelis / Director

Tatiana Noskova Operations Manager

Tatiana Noskova / General manager

4 Filinkova Yulia

Yulia Filinkova / Marketing manager

5 Anna Novik

Anna Novik / Social media manager

6 Antonis Markoullis

Antonis Markoullis / Head captain

Serhii Beshleu Captain

Sergii Beshleu / Captain

8 Hesham Khalel

Hesham Khalel / Captain

Ioannis Anezakis captain

Ioannis Anezakis / Captain

9 Eslam Khalel

Eslam Khalel / Captain

Vicky Vicky Crew

Vicky / Crew

Shahvaj Khan Crew

Shahvaj Khan / Crew

Anastasia Rodina Steward-Анастасия Родина Стюардесса

Anastasia Rodina / Steward

Alena Filchakina Steward

Alena Filchakina / Steward

Evgenia Alekseeva Crew

Evgenia Alekseeva / Steward

Svetlana Volkova Steward

Svetlana Volkova / Steward

Olga Tikhonova Steward

Olga Tikhonova / Steward

Ksenia Grekulyak Steward - Ксения Грегуляк Стюардесса

Ksenia Gregulyak / Steward

10 Hassan Maroof

Hassan Maroof / Yacht delivery support

Peter Umebiye Yacht Delivery Support

Peter Umebiye / Yacht Delivery Support

Christopher Ekene, Driver

Christopher / Driver